4 animals to be avoided to keep as pets

Potential pet owners may find it very difficult to choose an apt animal for keeping as the pet, with a large variety. Some of them can be a great addition to your household, while there are some that are very dangerous to care for and should be really avoided to bring home. Here we have a list of 4 of such animals.

1.    Primates: although the primates like lemurs, monkeys, chimpanzees, and baboons are cute and appear to be “child-like”, these are not a substitute for human babies. On getting angry they can scream, shout and even bite you. This can pose a real danger as Hepatitis A and AIDS-causing virus can be transmitted.

2.    Large Cats: undoubtedly small felines can turn to be your best friends when you keep them as your pets. On the other hand, large cats like cougar, lions, tigers and leopards should be avoided to keep as pets. These animals are strong as well as very dangerous. The large cats are carnivorous and can attack you when aggressive.

3.    Bears: although bears look very cute, but are extremely dangerous to keep as pets. Firstly, because the cute and cuddly little cubs can grow to weigh over 1500 pounds. Secondly, because they can knock you over and can even kill you with a blow of their paw. Moreover, they are not easily trainable.

4.    Alligators: you may find them very cute and harmless as babies. But that period is nowhere to last for long. These can grow up to 14 feet long and can feed on large animals and so cannot be accommodated in most homes. Moreover, if they bite you, you can be in serious trouble as the infection of their bite can even lead to limb amputations.