4 desserts good for pets

The best part of a meal is, of course, the dessert that can be a slice of black forest cake or a bowl of ice cream. This after meal treat has us licking our lips with just every bite. If you are a pet owner, then enjoying that dessert can be really heartbreaking, when you see your furry friend looking at you with those doe-like eyes. But as a pet parent, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore as there are a lot of sweet treats including cookies cakes and cupcakes in Dubai at various cake shops here that are perfect for your four legged friends. Let us take a look at 4 of them.

  •        Pupcakes

The G’s bakery offers a huge selection of cupcakes in Dubai that are custom made to suit the requirements of every customer. You can also order gluten free cupcakes baked and designed with pet-friendly ingredients that will be relished by your little friend. Powdered sugar is used in icing and various designs like bones, puppy faces, birds, fish bowls etc are created on these pup cakes to make them attractive and appealing for your pet.

Cupcakes in Dubai

  •        Pumpkin peanut butter cake

You can also bake a pumpkin and peanut butter cake for your furry friend to give it a rejoicing and healthy treat. Pumpkin puree and peanut butter are the main ingredients of this cake, which is baked just like usual cake. You can also use a pet-friendly sweetener in place of sugar in the cake. Bake it and frost with cheesy cream and peanut butter to make it more delectable for your little friend.

·     Pet-friendly cookies

Your kid enjoys eating freshly baked cookies by you and so does your pet. So the next time you bake cookies for your kids, make some for your dog as well with dog-friendly ingredients. Make sure to check the ingredients very carefully also with your vet. Do not add any harmful additives and even chocolates.

  •     Banana mango cake

This cake is just loved by your furry friend. Not only is it great to taste, but the mashed banana and mango puree in it adds to the nutritional value of the desert. Baked quiet like a normal cake, this is a great treat for your little pet.